The shop in person is a truly beautiful, elegant stage for the mix of classic and new merchandise which some 70 years ago established the first bridal registry. Specialists in tabletop, decorative items, and fine gifts the staff at Carole Stupell know their stuff!

Older Stupell aficionados delight in seeing some familiar things;
younger customers are thrilled by things they never even dreamed about.

The mix is eclectic, planned to appeal to those with traditional tastes as well as those who are more adventurous.

Customers see the delightful selling area, but among the store’s
great treasures are its stockrooms in the back and the basement.
Fantastic, huge spaces full of new merchandise, plus stuff brought along from the previous shops…. things Ms. Carole Stupell stocked up on 50 years ago that are fashionable again…

Its absolutely mind boggling, and some will be here on line for your to enjoy at your leisure.